Outdoor & Decorative Lighting

If you choose to have decorative lighting at the front of your property, it’s essentially part of the first impression people get when approaching your house. Outdoor lighting is a great way of creating ambience and your options are endless when it comes to choosing the best designs and layouts to suit the style of your … Continued

The Planning of a Home Rewire & What’s Involved

There is every reason to take proper time to plan out your home rewire, how it will be done and all the details involved in the job. There’s a vast list of aspects you must consider before you go ahead with a home rewire. Often, your chosen electrical rewiring company can give you help with … Continued

When is rewiring a requirement for your home?

Rewiring your home is all about electrical safety, but what must you consider before you go ahead? Age: when your home was built or when it was last rewired The first thing to consider is the age of your home. Basic guidelines suggest that if a house was built between 25 and 30 years ago, … Continued

The importance of electrical safety in the home

According to Government statistics, unsafe electrics cause over 20,000 fires in the UK every year. Nowadays, electrical safety needs to be a priority for everyone. Particularly since as a nation we’re using more and more electrical appliances in the home on a daily basis e.g. TVs, games consoles, computers, media players, etc. If you have … Continued

BBC Commonwealth Games 2014

For this project, we were tasked with installing a power supply for the BBC temporary studio at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Although not in our usual field, we welcomed the challenge and the opportunity to work with the BBC on such an important job. Located at the Clyde side, the studio would host … Continued

Smoke Detectors

At Homerewire we know how important having a smoke detector is. Particularly one that can detect a fire quickly enough to give you appropriate time to safely remove yourself form the building. However smoke detectors can be a nuisance if they go off without any smoke present in the home. So why are smoke detectors … Continued

Why choose us for your electrical rewiring?

We have rewired thousands of properties all over the country. Why choose us…   Timescale – We will not be beaten on timescales. We have the manpower, resources and tools to ensure your rewire is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Reputation – We have a long list of satisfied clients and many online … Continued