Preparing for electric wiring

The more preparation you can do the easier the job is!

During Renovations

In renovations where additional building works are involved, you may not have much to do when preparing for electrical rewiring.
We would ask if possible that you remove any old carpets that you plan on binning and make the house as clear as possible for our arrival.

In Occupied Properties

Occupied properties require a little more preparation. Our trained carpet fitter can lift and relay your carpets if they are being kept. We supply dust sheets throughout the property but the more dust sheets the better. If you have any old sheets around feel free to cover as much as possible, taking more care with valuable items. We can then fit our sheets on top which helps minimise the dust.

We can move around heavy furniture on our arrival but would ask you do your best to tidy away small items such as ornaments and small appliances. Rewiring can get hectic with cables all over the house, so its best to make things as clear as possible.

Things can get very noisy during the rewire, we recommend all pets are kept elsewhere! We feel its courteous to mention to adjoining neighbours about the potential noise, which should only last a few hours. We are happy to inform them for you.

After Completion

Once we have chased out and completed all wiring, the walls will need plastering. This involves using a bonding coat first, then using a finish coat which can be blended into the original plasterer. We employ a full time plasterer, our quote usually includes this service but should you wish to provide your own plasterer, no problem.

Please note, you will need to decorate after rewiring!