Rewiring Options & Timescales

Before We Start…

We walk through the property with each customer, going into detail about how many sockets you need and positioning etc. Rewiring allows many options, you can choose additional sockets, additional lighting, you can switch existing lights from different areas, or maybe add some outside lighting.
Have a chat with us, we are happy to discuss any suggestion you have.

We always make it clear what costs extra and what’s included in our basic package. Generally basic rewires will include a new consumer unit, wiring for up to ten circuits, all standard accessories such as sockets and switches, plus earth bonding and smoke alarms. We can install extras such as extractor fans, shaver points, decorative light fittings, flush spotlights, carbon monoxide alarms, bespoke accessories, garage installations, aerial points and networking cables amongst others. Speak to us about anything you are considering and we will gladly offer our advice.

JRC have a combined 25 years experience in rewiring literally thousands of properties in that time. Our team has been trained specifically in this field, we have a system of work thats quick, efficient and of exceptional quality.

Is Your Property Unoccupied or Occupied?

Unoccupied properties are generally easier therefore can be completed quicker, usually in a day or two dependant on size. We may request to work long hours to meet our deadline.

Occupied properties can produce more of challenge. We would always encourage customers to vacate overnight if possible to reduce the timescale. Understandably, this does not suit everyone. We can happily accommodate your needs, but the job will likely take a little longer if we have to make the property habitable over night.

Within our quote we will indicate a suitable timescale for your job, very rarely do we miss a deadline!

Light Fitting Options

Down-light fittings are popular. We can install fittings throughout your home at a set rate and in a variety of finishes and styles.

LED lamps or LED fittings are also becoming popular, as technology improves, this option is becoming more practical and providing a real alternative to halogen.

The main benefit of using LED lamps is power consumption, a typical lamp is rated at 5-7 watts, while a standard halogen is rated at 50 watts. This can reduce your electricity bill, particularly if fitting multiple fittings. In theory LED lamps should last forever. Never having to change bulbs again is very appealing to our clients. Most manufacturers are offering lengthy guarantee on their products. LED lamps produce very little heat, therefore they can be useful in situations where heat dissipation becomes an issue.

Don’t confuse our LED’s with low quality versions which are readily available. We have sampled many fittings in order to find the best on the market, and one we are comfortable installing on our jobs. You will pay a premium for decent LEDs, cheaper options simply do not offer practical lighting solutions. The costs can soon add up, but its likely you will recuperate the initial outlay in a short time. We offer good deals on bulk buys and samples are available on request.

Included in your rewire are new fresh sockets and switches throughout. We only use quality products from reputable manufacturers as cheap versions simply do not last the test of time. We stock certain brands but will gladly supply alternatives should you wish. Standard rewires come complete with white accessories. We also offer decorative switches and sockets in a variety of colours and finishes, at set rates and we have samples available to view. There are many options available such as dimmers, timers or sensors for lights for example. All fittings come with a standard 2 year manufacturer warranty.

External Lighting

We have a particular interest in external lighting. Add some WOW! factor to your building or create some ambient effects within your garden. We can install all types of lighting from soffit spotlights to decking LEDs. We keep customers updated with recent projects both on our website, Facebook and Twitter page, where you will find new and exciting ideas.

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